Feeling Better Every Day is all about helping people be the absolute BEST they can be, both physically, mentally and emotionally starting with good nutrition. We’re talking about getting back to what is original and natural for us. as humans. That means a diet high in raw, living foods – organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, superfoods and superherbs. Along with moderate exercise – is a winning combination. Also staying open – practicing Mind/Body awareness. As we all know, the internet is full of advise on how to get healthier, lose weight and stay in shape etc. But, we have found through our own research over the years, and by life experience, that there is NO one diet that works for all. So, when talking about food and nutrition, tuning in to your OWN body is very important, to discover and find out what works for YOU personally, as we are all individuals with our own unique makeup.

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Our online store offers only the highest quality, most amazing raw foods, superfoods and organic products on the market and are dedicated to your satisfaction. We have chosen suppliers from around the country that have the same goals as we do, who also desire to provide the highest quality natural, organic products available. We work with ethical, top quality suppliers who partner with certified organic farmers, many in small, rural communities to develop best organic farming practices. We avidly support organic farming, and sustainable and fair trade businesses.


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Rollie and Evelyn