Are Pre-Packaged Boxes of Almond Milk Bad for You?

Are Pre-Packaged Boxes of Almond Milk Bad for You?

I have been reading more and more about how the plastic cartons that we find Almond Milk and other products in are not so “healthy”.

If you are trying to be healthier and drinking things like Almond Milk, does it make sense to drink it out of plastic-lined packages that leach estrogenic chemicals into your food?

Have you ever tried to make your own Almond Milk? You can easily turn raw nuts of all kinds into delicious “milk”. You will have control over every ingredient, and can make it fresh as needed. Our Feeling Better Every Day Nut Milk Bag is perfect for straining out the fiber in this milk. You can then use the fiber in granola, crackers, baked goods, etc. Or – put in your compost pile.

I came across this blog post about making Coconut milk. I commented to let the author know about our Nut Milk Bags as another option to the filtering ideas she shared!

For more information, Click on the links below!

Coconut Milk article

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Articles about the “unhealthy” side of Tetra-paks (plastic cartons).


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