Chocolate Lovers Delight! Homemade Raw Cacao Brownie Recipe!

Hey all you Chocolate lovers! Here’s an amazing, healthy, tasty dessert, with no processed sugar!


*** Raw Cacao Brownie recipe ***

1 cup walnuts
1 cup pecans
2 cups dates
3/4 cup cacao powder (adjust to taste)
2 T Cacao nibs
1 T orange peel zest to taste
Sea salt to taste

1/4 cup carob powder (sprinkle on top of finished product)

Mix all ingredients in food processor and mix well until contents is moist and sticks together.

Put finished product into large baking pan.

Press into square mold as shown and cut into squares.

Sprinkle carob powder on top (if desired).

A tasty treat and also good for you!  🙂



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