Homemade Raw Sauerkraut Recipe

Homemade Raw Sauerkraut Recipe

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut help promote healthy gut flora, tastes great and is a important addition to include in a healthy diet.

High quality sauerkraut is quite simple to make at home and will save you money as well.

You will need:

* 1 gallon glass jar or larger (a fermentation crock pot of course is ideal if you have one).
* head green or purple cabbage
* approximately 1 Tablespoon of sea salt per 3 pounds of cabbage ( a little more in warmer weather)
* Add spring or distilled water, as needed
* 2 high quality probiotic capsules


1. Sanitize your jar and all tools with boiling water to help prevent any bad bacteria from getting in the jar.
2. Rinse cabbage well, remove the large outer leaves – save to use later.)
3. Shred the cabbage by hand using a sharp knife or use a food processor to shred the cabbage.
4. Sprinkle about 2 inches of cabbage into the jar or crock.
5. Sprinkle a couple of pinches of salt on top.
6. Tamp down the cabbage tightly with your fist or using a wooden tamper.
7. When the jar is about half full of cabbage, break one probiotic capsule and sprinkle in the jar.
8. Repeat this process (add cabbage, salt and tamp).
9. When the cabbage is about 2 or 3 inches from the top, place the large outer leaves you saved in the beginning on top of the cabbage.
10. Break the second probiotic capsule and sprinkle in the jar.
11. Add any additional spring or distilled water to cover the top of the cabbage.
12. Using either a very small bowl (ramekin) or shot glass, fill with spring or distilled salt water and place on top of the cabbage. This will help to keep the cabbage submerged.
13. Store the sealed jar at room temperature with a small cookie sheet or pan underneath. This will catch any spillage during the fermentation process.
14. Your sauerkraut should be ready in 3-7 days. The sauerkraut will become stronger tasting over time during this process. Continue to check daily. Once the sauerkraut has fermented to your liking, remove the weight and outer leaves and discard.
15. You may notice bit of mold or discoloring on the top layer. This is very common. Just discard the top layer of mold, It will keep for months in the refrigerator.
16. Enjoy as a side dish, on sandwiches, in salads, or on its own as a snack.

Note: If you feel really adventurous, you can try experimenting and adding other tasty ingredients such as: carrots, caraway seeds, garlic, radish, curry powder, ginger or even some jalapeƱo peppers.






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